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About Us

Dedicated and Qualified

Our firm’s philosophy emphasizes personal service, reasonable fees and obtaining results for our clients.


  • Legal problems can be costly and time consuming. We know that clients can become frustrated when their matter is turned over to a revolving door of associates or inexperienced attorneys who are getting on the job training at the client’s expense. That is why when you hire Freedman & McClosky, P.A., you get Randy R. Freedman or Reed B. McClosky, dedicated, hardworking attorneys who rely upon more than 60 years of combined experience to guide you through your legal problems.
  • We pride ourselves on being accessible and responsive to our clients. When you call us, you will get us, or you will get a return call without the frustrating delays that you might experience elsewhere.


  • We keep our overhead low so that we can offer very competitive fees. You will not be paying for lavish offices and partners’ expense accounts, just experienced, skilled attorneys.
  • In appropriate cases, we are willing to discuss hybrid fee arrangements such as reduced hourly fees plus a percentage of any recovery, flat fees, or pure contingent fees (a percentage of what you recover). We want our arrangements to make sense for both you and us.


  • While no law firm can guarantee results, we take pride in our history of meeting our clients’ objectives. Sometimes, this is accomplished by taking full advantage of the court system for our client’s benefit. Sometimes it entails making use of alternative dispute resolution methods such as arbitration and mediation. There are also times when the best interests of our client dictate that a negotiated settlement be reached so that our client does not get bogged down in protracted litigation. In those cases, we work closely with the client to find the most practical way to resolve a dispute. This enables our clients to focus their energy on their business or financial interests instead of litigation. In the end, it is the results we obtain for our clients that ensure the success of our firm.